About Badri Design

Badri Design is a Graphic Design and Printing Service company since 2012. Badri Design is a team of creative graphic designers who have worked a lot on different designing projects. We have completed 3500+ projects as well as 2600+ printing services with the ideas of the next generation concept. We have marked 2100+ happy and satisfied clients on our list. Let us creatively shape your imagination into reality.

Our Approach

While starting the company, we have selected some basic beliefs for the company, and customer satisfaction always comes first in it. Therefore, to work on it, the team always reads and understands the customer’s mind. A basic approach of us is to convert the customers into a brand ambassador by satisfying them at work.

What We Do

The team Badri Design creates up to date brand identities, printing services, and digital experiences as well in a diverse range of premium brands, from a boutique start-up to a global business. Badri Design considers your every need meticulously that our client can easily compete in this world full of competition.

Hakim Bharmal CEO of Badri design

Hakim Bharmal

Founder & CEO


I’m Hakim Bharmal from India. I’m working in this field of designing since 2012. An enormous team of creative graphic designers who are willing to work without a pause is my strength.

The major reason why you should prefer me rather than others (graphic designing services) who does the same is we are working to shape your imagination and requirement by our creativity and skills to fulfil the satisfaction from both the sides.

Foundation of Badri Design

Every graphic designer working in Badri Design has spent their huge time in designing different projects in their Bachelor Degree. Some of them were a photographer and editor and some was a design engineer as well who found themselves much creative. Based on good creativity and a different as well as developed perspective, the team becomes a company that provides graphic design and printing services since 2012.

Badri Design Methodology


Understanding your audience plays a vital role in knowing how best to communicate with them. We not only research for our customers but we research on customer’s business and their audience as well. We research based on your need, trending in the future, and the psychology of your target audience as well. Thus, the whole research work is the foundation for the team Badri Design in designing.


The best performing brands stand for simplicity. Badri Design believes that simplification is the heart of all research. Therefore, focusing on all research, our team simplifies the thing as clearly as possible. In addition, the main purpose of simplification is to make a place in your audience’s mind easily. Thus, based on research work and your need simplification is the very first pillar of our team in designing.


We believe that great design is created with intuition. In addition, our creativity is not only god-gift, but it also developed from huge research. On the foundation of Research, we build up the second pillar of Design having its own importance in the whole graphic design process. Badri Design designs creatively that it becomes long-lasting. Thus our graphic designers know to convert the research into creativity.


Implementation is the act of applying your design to reality. Based on the research and design, Implementation is the next step that comes into the picture. The implementation is the main purpose of the design. As the team Badri Design understands very well that what will be the way of applying this design into reality, we concern about implementation during the whole graphic design process.


Your reviews guide us to create the design more perfect. Therefore, the team Badri Design communicates frequently with the customer for the reviews. To give the best of work, we constantly work on customer reviews to improve our services. Thus, the fourth pillar of your review of the design we have created plays a significant role to lead us to customer satisfaction.

Our Happy Clients

"It has been very good experience to work with Badri Design. from last few days I was in search for agency who can create professional business card. I am happy to say I find perfect design agency in form of Badri design they have so many unique & creative designs, and I am pleased with kind of work and support they provided me."
"It was very Great Experience Being customer of Badri Design. The output and work done by Badri Design was Outstanding and was Extraordinary than my Expectation."
"I was looking for the perfect graphic designer for my Logo designing. All I wanted was a visionary graphic designer who can design my logo according to my life goal and personality. I got the right graphic designer in Badri Graphic Designer."